What is the service charge?

The base service charge is the cost of making electric service available to your location. It includes the costs associated with investment in facilities, operations, and maintenance of lines. As well as billing and administrative services.


What is power cost adjustment?

Power Cost adjustment is an adjustment made on your electric bill, which either goes up or down dependent upon what the true cost of power is from Dairyland Power Cooperative.


Power Cost Adjustment is shown as a mill rate. (One mill = 0.001 cents) this adjustment is based on your kWh consumption. When the cost of purchased power exceeds an anticipated level, the power cost adjustment factor comes into effect and is added to your bill. Conversely, when the cost of power is under this level, the power cost adjustment calculates a discount on your kWh.


What is the non-taxable facility charge?

The $1.50 non-taxable facility charge is collected for the public benefits program. In 1999, the state mandated a change in the law to ensure financing for the state’s energy conservation and low-income energy assistance programs. All utility customers in the state are required to pay these charges.


A breakdown of the $1.50 charge includes:

  • Energy Efficiency/conservation programs: 50% (0.75 cents a month)
  • Energy Assistance/ low-income programs: 50% (0.75 cents a month)


When do I pay my electric bill?

You will receive your electric bill around the 8th of the month, and it is due in the office upon receipt. Your bill will be delinquent and you will receive a disconnect notice if the bill is not received in the office by the 1st of the following month. A 1.0% penalty is charged on the bills not received in the office by the 1st.


What happens if I don’t pay my bill?

A penalty (1.0% of the amount due) is charged after the 1st of each month. Delinquent notices are sent out around the 10th to avoid disconnection and additional costs, members unable to pay within this time frame should contact us.