Energy Audit Incentives

Riverland Energy pays $150 towards the expense of a home energy audit. The audit must be scheduled through the Cooperative and conducted by a state-certified energy audit specialist. The invoice for the audit will be sent to Riverland Energy, we will credit $150 and you will be billed the remainder of the invoice. The standard cost of an audit is $400. 

Each member can only use one audit in a 12-month period.

Rebates are available until December 31, 2024 or until all funds have been utilized, whichever comes first. 

An energy audit takes approximately 2-3 hours and includes: 

  • Blower door test (check air sealing, air exchanges/hour)
  • Measuring attic insulation
  • Using an infrared camera to check insulation/cold spots on floors and walls. 
  • A detailed list of energy savings measures

After taking the recommended correction measures, it is necessary to schedule a follow-up visit for re-testing. 

Home Energy Audit Follow-up Incentive

Once the home energy audit is finished, a list of recommended energy-saving measures will be provided. If the proposed improvements are implemented, the member can receive a credit of up to $500, subject to approved invoices. Check the form for more information. 

To learn more or schedule an energy audit, please reach out to our office at 800-411-9115.