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Safety for Kids

Safety is a high priority for us and the community. We encourage you to share these safety activities, videos, and lessons with children. 

Kid Safety Activities 


Energy Efficiency Activities 


Riverland Energy Cooperative offers the Louie the Lightning Bug ® safety demonstration program to schools and groups in our service area. This program provides an entertaining and fun agenda for children in preschool through third grade. Electrical safety is addressed and includes flying kites, safety inside and outside the home, storms, etc. A 10 min. Louie the Lightning Bug ® video is shown prior to the presentation. The short videos below will give kids the safety messages provided through this program. 

Click here for the full Louie the Lightning Bug® Video.  

Play it Safe Around Electricity


Play it Safe Around Power Lines



When Lines Are Down Don't Hang Around 


Obey what the Signs Say





Check out these resources for more safety end energy activities.

Energy Kids

  • Learn about energy, where it comes from and how it is used at the Energy Kids page. Includes Energy Ant coloring book and links to additional information. Sponsored by the Energy Information Association. Visit Energy Kids

Student Center

  • Nuclear power plants are one way to generate electricity. Learn more about nuclear reactors, radiation, terms and more at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Student's Corner. Visit Student Corner 

E-smart kids 

  • Safe Electricity invites you to become an e-SMARTkid. Becoming e-SMART means learning about electricity and how to use it safely and wisely. Check out our games and activities, and you'll be on your way! Visit e-SMARTkid

Environmental Kid's Club

  • At EPA's Environmental Kid's Club, explore your environment and learn about what you can do to protect it. There are games, stories and other fun things to do on this site sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Visit Environmental Kid's Club

Energy Star Kids

  • Find out why your planet needs you and see how you can make big changes. Be an Energy Star by visiting Energy Star Kids. Visit Energy Star Kids (flash required)





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