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Riverland Energy to return $1.26 Million in Capital Credits

Riverland Energy Cooperative will return $1.26 Million in Capital Credits to eligible current and former members for the patronage with the co-op. Current members who paid for electricity at any time during 1996-2014 will see a credit on their October bill, if their credit is over $1.00. The co-op also retired all accounts that only had $35 or less remaining. Only inactive members will receive a check in the mail.

Capital credits are allocated to co-op members each year, based on electricity purchased, and are a direct benefit of cooperative membership. As a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative, Riverland Energy operates at cost. Any money left after annual expenses is allocated and returned to members, according to our cooperative business practices.

All allocation percentages are determined by the board of directors.

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If you have any questions about capital credits, contact Barb at the office at 800-411-9115 or by e-mail

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