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Herbicide Application Notice

December 31, 2019: In the next few weeks, Riverland Energy Cooperative will be treating for re-growth to areas served off the Nelson, Strum, and Osseo substations, weather permitting. Members on this substation have been notified by phone. 

Riverland Energy Cooperative is committed to providing safe and reliable electric service to our members through conscientious attention to power line clearance.  It is important to remove brush and trees, which actually touch power lines.  A tree or branch interfering with lines many miles away may affect the quality of service to you and your neighbors.  It is equally important to have a clear corridor underneath the lines to allow for repair of storm damage.  Branches must be cleared from around the poles in order for linemen to climb them and quickly repair any damage during an outage.

While cutting methods help keep trees in check, they actually promote rapid re-growth, and often create a thicket of brush along our right-of-way.  Riverland Energy contracts with 4 Control of Menomonie, Wisconsin to do the herbicide applications. 4 Control is a licensed and experienced contractor specializing in vegetation management.  Herbicides will only be applied in areas using low-volume, hand-held spot treatment methods, in a manner consistent with Wisconsin state licensing guidelines. There will be no spraying in the residential areas or areas served by underground cable.  4 Control may be following up next summer with spot application as necessary.  If you have any questions about the vegetation management program, please contact 4 Control at 888-454-1121.  They will be happy to furnish you with information or discuss your concerns.

Thank you for your cooperation.







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