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Contact Us: 1-800-411-9115 Report Outage: 1-800-927-6206

Power Outages

How to Report an Outage

There are a couple ways in which members can report an outage:

  1. Call the toll free number at 1-800-927-6206. After hours: Press #1 to report it via automatic phone recorder; or press #3 to talk to someone. 
  2. Text in your outage at 55050. (Must sign up for Outage Texting here)
  3. Login to SmartHub, follow the prompts for outage reporting, and the information will automatically be sent to the dispatch team.


Reporting the Outage 

If your service is interrupted, the first thing to do is check your fuses or breakers to make sure the problem is not your own. Next, check to see if your neighbors have service. This gives line crews some idea of the extent of the outage. Get your bill and have your account number ready to give to the dispatcher; then call Riverland Energy at 1-800-927-6206 to report the trouble. 

If no one answers or if the line is busy, keep trying. In reporting an outage, give the dispatcher the name the service is in (the name on the bill), the account number on the bill, and your phone number. This information will help us locate your place quickly. If you have information about the cause of the outage (tree limb, broken pole, etc.) please tell the dispatcher. This will also speed the restoration of service.

Be patient, your service will be restored as soon as possible. Line outages will be repaired first, then the individuals’ service will be next.

High-Volume Call Answering System

Our high-volume automated call answering system helps relay problems to our staff quickly and effectively during major interruptions. This system helps us pinpoint issues during major events which allows us to more efficiently dispatch crews. Although the automated system can be frustrating at times, it allows us to take a high volume of calls in a short amount of time. We, as would you, prefer direct contact during outage situations. However during periods of high call volume, our automated system collects outage information thereby allowing REC staff to focus on restoring your power. 

Outage Texting

Riverland Energy utilizes the Cooperative Response Center, Inc. (CRC) Call Center to answer our overflow calls and outages after regular office hours. 

To utilize our texting service, you will need to complete a short registration process. Your cell phone number must also be on file at REC for the registration process to be completed successfully. If you have not provided your cell phone number to the co-op in the past, please contact us at 800-411-9115 to do so.

Sign Up

  1. Accept Terms of Agreement.
  2. Enter account number and cell phone number. Click Go.
  3. Enter verification code from cell phone. Click verify. Note if cell phone number is not listed on your Riverland Energy account, please wait 24-48 hours to complete registration.
  4. If multiple accounts, select account number to be included in outage texting. 
  5. Once information is entered correctly, a welcome message should be sent to your cell phone. 

Texting an Outage

Texting your outage to REC just requires a few simple steps:

  • Open a new text message in your cell phone,
  • Type “Outage” (without quotes, not case sensitive),
  • Enter (55050) in the “Send To” field, and
  • Send the message.

For multiple accounts, key word indicators (e.g., home, garage, well, cabin, etc.) can be used in the outage report. For example, in the case of a power outage at your cabin, you would type “Outage Cabin.” If all your accounts are without power, you would type “Outage All”.

Once the text is received and verified by REC’s outage management system, you will receive an “Outage Reported Successfully” text message. And, once the outage has been restored, a text confirming the restoral will be sent to you. If you find you are still without power, it will direct you to call the cooperative with the contact number provided.

For more information

As always, you can still report your outage to REC by calling 800-411-9115 or after hours 800-927-6206. If you happen to know the cause of an outage or see evidence of a dangerous electrical situation, you should always call and report this as soon as possible.

 This quick video discusses the most common causes of power outages:



Watch this video on how power is restored:


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