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Capital Credit Retirements: A letter was inadvertently sent to all members in their bills stating they will receive a check for your capital credit retirement. This letter was meant for ONLY inactive members. All others who are eligible will receive a credit on their electric bill. Sorry for the confusion. 

Payment Options

Automatic Bill Payment

The Automatic Bill Payment is a method by which the Cooperative draws money from your bank account to pay your monthly electric bill. The payment is made automatically each month. You won't have to worry about missing a payment, and you'll save time as well as checks and postage. There's no charge for this service, which is available to all Riverland Energy Cooperative members. Once you sign up, your payment will be deducted automatically from your checking or savings account on the 20th of every month. You will receive a statement each month showing your electric usage, and the deduction will appear on your bank statement.

Auto Bill Pay Form - PDF


Pay Online

You may receive your statement online and make a payment online through SmartHub. SmartHub delivers accurate and timely information regarding your electric account. It is a free application that can be accessed through our website or by downloading the application on a compatible mobile device. SmartHub can be used to view bills & usage, make changes to your electric account or make payments in a secure environment with the touch of button. 

SmartHub Login  - You will need your account number to enroll.  

Pay Now (one-time payment, no login required)  - You will need your account number to enroll. 


Budget Billing

The budget amount is based on your previous 12-month usage. The average budget amount will be adjusted from time to time depending upon the actual usage. If you were using more electricity than you were budgeted for, the budget will increase. The budget will decrease if you were using less electricity than the budgeted amount.


  • Your account must be current.
  • You must have been an active member of the cooperative for the past 12 months.

Call our billing department for more information or to sign up.

Drop off

Payments can be dropped off at our offices in Arcadia or Onalaska or in the drop boxes after regular business hours.




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